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There's so much going on in this pattern that I really don't know what to call this fabric. You've got ducks, plants, squiggly writing and even some bloke on a horse. So I went for just calling it 'vintage'! 


This bucket is made from:

  • Formerly curtain fabric and lining fabric acquired from Freecycle. 
  • A buckle bought second hand in a joblot from eBay
  • New magnetic fasteners bought from a UK company on eBay


This chalk bucket is approximately 27cm high, 25cm long and 8cm wide.


The top fastens with magnets (because velcro is terrible stuff that gets stuck to everything and scratches your knuckles) and then folds down once and buckles securely closed to contain all the chalky goodness. 


One side has three brush pockets of varying widths and a small pocket that also fastens with a magnet. The other side has one big pocket with a magnet closure so there's somewhere for all your climbing accessories. 


As with everything in the shop, no two chalk buckets are quite the same. They have slightly different linings and buckles depending on what I've managed to source in the most ecofriendly ways possible.

Vintage Style Chalk Bucket

  • If there's a problem with your order please contact me so I can try to fix the problem or we can discuss a return or refund.