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JoJo Lewis

Welcome to jojomakesdoesclimbs, where I explore many things that I find interesting while mastering of none of them! I'm a inquisitive soul, who loves to learn, explore, and make people laugh. 

In a past life, I worked in theatre as a wardrobe mistress, looking after actors and costumes alike. Now I use my seamstress powers (and whatever second-hand material I can get my hands on) to have fun with my own clothes and share the joy of sewing with others. 

I've always enjoyed writing, particularly as a way to explore my perceptions of the world and make a little more sense of it all. The aim of this blog is to hone my writing into something a smidgen more articulate and competent, while sharing my insights, opinions, and experiences.

I've been a climber since 2016. I fell deeply in love with bouldering as a wonderful way to get fit, challenge my mind and body, and give myself many multi-coloured bruises. I predominantly climb indoors but have also dabbled in outdoor climbing in Spain and the Lake District. This year (2021) I achieved my goal of climbing my first 7a boulder. Next year, who knows!?


I'm also a psychology student, dog parent, baker, hiker, and content devourer. There's so much worth exploring in the world. I hope you enjoy diving into it all with me in my little corner of the internet. 



If you have ideas for makings, doings, or climbings, sewing commissions you'd like to discuss, or any questions about me and my work please get in touch at

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