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The print on this fabric is just gorgeous! It's got a lovely ye olde worlde look about it and will be the talk of the climbing gym or crag. 


There are two of these bags and the only difference is the decorative button. When you purchase this chalk bag you can choose:


  • Fancy button (first 4 photos)
  • Buckle button (last 2 photos)


This chalk bag is approximately 17cm high and 12cm in diametre.


The loop at the top accomodates a 3.75cm/1.5 inch belt or a carabiner (NOT INCLUDED) can be used to attach it to your harness.


This bag is made from:

  • Former curtain fabric from my husband's childhood bedroom (he and the fabric are still in excellent condition!)
  • Lining fabric made from an old fleece
  • Shoe lace from a random joblot on eBay
  • A toggle bought second hand on eBay
  • Eyelet strip from a well loved pair of jeans


As with everything in the shop, no two chalk bags are quite the same. They are made from slightly different linings and haberdashery items depending on what I've managed to source in the most ecofriendly ways possible.

Sun, Stars and Shells Chalk Bag

  • If there's a problem with your order please contact me so I can try to fix the problem or we can discuss a return or refund.

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