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Photos of a Cute Dog

Last Thursday, my throat started feeling a little croaky. After cycling home from work I felt awful. I couldn't speak for the next few days. I resembled a steaming pile of JoJo-turd all weekend. I currently feel about 50% rubbish (as far as my lateral flow tests tell me, I have not had Covid).

So, I've spent a lot of time under a blanket looking at photos of my dog. Seeing as this is a blog where I share my personal experiences, I'm going to share this experience with you from a safe and non-contagious distance.

Enjoy some random pointy dog content. It made me feel somewhat better while festering in my sofa den.

Although she was originally cautious of the fan we bought to survive the summers in Madrid, Amber soon realised it was a a trustworthy friend. Other things she loves include snow and carpet. I'm not entirely sure why she loves the snow so much. Possibly because it helps her keep cool during zoomies. Why she loves carpet is far clearer. It's ever so comfy on her bony elbows.

Here's a small gallery of mishaps. Amber has a very sweet existence but she is not allowed on the people's bed. No matter how cute she is. This rule was broken the first day I was left on my own in the flat with her. The sneaky doggo hadn't really learned the rules yet and I wasn't paying sufficient attention so she helped herself to the comfiest thing she could find. She looked so adorable I had to take a quick photo before shooing her off the bed. In the second photo she is a wearing a jumper of Michael's that I shrank in the wash and in the final photo she is safely back on the lead after shooting off after a rabbit and scaring the heck out of me. After she's been zooming full tilt she always wolfs down a vast quantity of water and collapses in a panting heap for a while.

Here's a few holiday photos. The first photo is from a climbing trip to Albarracín. Amber generally seems bemused by my desire to drag myself up rocks but she loves exploring the places we go for bouldering adventures. Especially forests like Albarracín and La Pedriza. Here she is soaking up some sun while her silly humans pull hard on some lovely sandstone. The second photo is from a trip to Cuenca, where our delightful Air BnB accommodation came with something fun for Amber to climb on too. The last photo was taken after some beach zoomies on the north coast of Spain, where people who live in Madrid run away to when summer becomes too much to bear.

Look at this ridiculous snoot. It felt like we didn't really notice Amber's face turning white. When I look back at early photos of her I can hardly believe how orange her face used to be. She's gone from just having white fur on the tip of her lengthy snoot to being completely white all the way up to the eyebrows. If the rescue centre we got her from were right about her age she's only about six or seven years old so she's gone white reasonably young. Must be the stress of living with me and Husband.

And finally, here's some photos from some fun times in Madrid. The first photo is from a hike with my parents during their first visit to us in Spain. Amber had recently learned the 'shake a paw' trick and decided to break out her new moves in the hope of being fed some sandwich while we had our picnic. The middle photo shows where she spent the majority of her time in our flat in Madrid, upside down on the sofa looking like a spooky goblin. The last photo is of Amber looking confused by the dog/lion creature we met while out for a walk in the neighbouring town. We didn't see it's owners so I never got the chance to find out it's name. I assume it was called Simba.

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